Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Variation With A Twist

Vision mixed media on paper 204mm X 206mm Chris De Dier
I made a small drawing in mixed media on paper based on the oil painting Calm, pictured below. I used gouache, watercolor, pastel and charcoal in this drawing. The object in the sky hovering over the landscape can be anything your imagination cooks up. It could be a piece of thrown junk frozen in midair before it falls into a pristine lake. It could be a spaceship from another planet....... It could be a huge escaped balloon, growing ever bigger as it travels across the globe. It could be just a fantasy, a thought provoking shape, an object of manmade fabrication, a visualization of otherwise mostly invisible air pollution placed in a composition of water, land and sky to signify human presence and impact on this planet.

The original drawing is available at Gremillion &Co. Fine Art , Inc. in Houston, TX.

Signed and numbered limited edition prints are available directly from me.

Edition of 20. Image size 204mm X 206mm. Price: $ 49.00 + shipping $ 10.00
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