Monday, October 15, 2007

Upside Down

Here also I took a different approach. This painting has the horizon near the top, with the bands of clouds in the sky reflected by the foggy water of the lake.

Cool oil on linen 36" X 36" Chris De Dier
Cool - detail

Up Early

Reflection oil on canvas 36" X 48" Chris De Dier

This painting is an experiment with lights and darks. The darkness of the forest in the early morning underscores the light pink and gray in the sky and creates a mood of silence and calm despite the high contrast.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who is Kaat?

Who is Kaat? My cousin Kitty's fashion store in Ninove, Belgium bears that name but when she mentioned that starting next year Kaat will carry the collections of Kaat Tilley, a little bell rang way back in my head. Kaat Tilley.... I knew that name. It brought back vague memories of the St. Lucasinstitute in Brussels where I studied design about.... hmmm.... dare I say 30 years ago. Darn, I'm getting old!
Anyway, turns out this former classmate of mine became an accomplished artist and renowned fashion designer. Glad to know someone made it big! Check out these links. They're certainly interesting.

A drawing by Kaat Tilley

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It Is Not A Deer

Paolo is a dog. He is not a deer-dog, neither is he a reindeer. The questions that people ask me about his classification in the animal world are funny or sad, depending on who is posing the question, a child or an adult. He is an Italian Greyhound. That makes him definitely and officially a dog. He barks like dogs do, and he has paws instead of hooves. He runs very fast and probably could keep pace with a deer but that is as far as the comparison holds up.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Already! What happened to September? Did someone speed up the time?
Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon too.
I can tell Summer is over. The nights are getting a little cooler, enough to be able to turn the A/C off and have some windows open. Trees are beginning to shed leaves. There is change in the air.
And Halloween around the corner.... what will I wear this year?