Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rich And Poor

Climbing Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, TX is becoming almost too popular. I try to go at least once each year, usually in the Fall or early Winter, and each time it is becoming more crowded. It used to be there were only a few people. This time, they were everywhere. Given its size, the State of Texas has a shameful low percentage of public land. And where admission to Parks is free in a number of States, in Texas it is costing more and more for the privilege of breathing some fresh air and being out in nature. That makes Texas rich in oil and finances, poor in preserving its natural bounty for the enjoyment of all.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blink And You Will See

I paint transitive blinks. Open and shut the eyes rapidly to remove distracting detail . This way, economy of paint and information has often a direct relationship to the level of success in my paintings. Rather than offering the viewer a pre-chewed story through a highly detailed image devoid of any chance to improvise, I prefer to challenge - or tease - the viewer to some degree into deciding for themselves what exactly it is that they are looking at. There are a number of obvious clues as guidance, bits of information that determine the general theme of a painting. I personally think my best work is where that amount of information is stripped to the bare minimum. For example in the painting below, one clearly sees a typical landscape. There is what looks like a horizon, a foreground below it and a sky above it. There is a bright disk in the sky; an obscured sun or moon? Are there distant trees on the horizon? And what exactly is going on in the foreground? Is that jagged diagonal line a trail of sand or is it a puddle of water? All are valid assumptions. It does not matter which one is right because it bears no importance. Looking at paintings that bring up questions like that are more interesting to me.

Night oil on canvas 24" X 30" Chris De Dier

Monday, November 19, 2007

Her Style Can Be Trusted

Mary Jo Matsumoto knows style and possesses a keen talent for seeking out new trends. Make a habit of regularly visiting her informative blog for the latest news on fashion and design. http://www.trustyourstyle.com/

And while there you may also want to read what she had to say about my blog on Monday November 19 2007, so you know it's official now - and it is coming from a trusted source: Hooked On Art is cool.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Pedernales River Hike

The months October and November are a wonderful period to be in Central Texas. The temperatures are perfect and the humidity is much less than during the summer. Ideal for hikes and outdoor picnics. The air is crisp, providing for great color contrast and saturation in photographs. Pedernales Falls Park, west of Austin, is a favorite place to spend an afternoon this time of the year.