Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who Needs Heaven?

“If a man needs a religion to conduct himself properly in this world, it is a sign that he has either a limited mind or a corrupt heart.” Ninon de l'Enclos (1620 - 1705)

This concise perspective leaves a lot uncovered about the problem of sordid human character finding refuge behind religion, but certainly continues to firmly hold its clear value to this day.

Below is a study for a painting that I am currently working on. It depicts the Holy Spirit who, after centuries of solitude in an empty Heaven, has finally committed sin, thus succumbing to the unattainable rigors of His own rules for allowance into Heaven. By doing so His white plumage turned a dark color and He is now abandoning Heaven just in time before digital obliteration prevents escape.

Out Of Heaven   mixed media and collage on paper   13" X 24"   Chris De Dier

Out Of Heaven - detail

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