Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Creation

The left side of this work illustrates the the creation of death by the Wholy Spirit God.

     In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.
     The Earth was rugged and covered in darkness.
     And the Wholy Spirit of God hovered in the dark,
     And God said: "Let there be Death"; and with that, death was created.
     And God saw the death, and was pleased with it.

The right side is an interpretation of digital fragmentation of such information. Different components and impulses leading to the formation of a story, passed on by generation after generation, until finally written down and accepted as "truth". But in actuality it is nothing but a belief of what may happen or what it could look like. Both are man-made and take on a life of their own. They are ideas that are translated into words, then translated into images, then translated into digital pixels.It does not matter what it is because it only matters what we believe it is.

The Creation   mixed media and collage on paper   10.5" X 32"   Chris De Dier

The Creation detail

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