Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dallas Art

The Dallas Museum Of Art is big. Its size befits that of the city it is located in. Yet, nothing that I saw there was exceptional enough to be worth remembering. Oh wait, I saw an extremely poor curated exhibit about Roman architectural artifacts found under the ashes of the Vesuvius. The tacky polyester bird bath surrounded by fake foliage around its base as the center piece in one of the halls of the exhibit was totally inapropriate also.
I must admit however, they have a fine selection of Piet Mondrian's work, spanning his entire career. It is always interesting to observe the dramatic evolution in groundbreaking artists' body of work from before and after they experimented with drugs.

On the return to Austin, TX, the skies were breathtaking. Those heavy clouds were the last remnants of the prolonged period of rain showers that inundated our area.

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