Monday, July 2, 2007

Hiking In Paradise II

The natural beauty was spectacular. After a hearty picnic we climbed down several waterfalls in one of the creeks on Scott's property and swam in a natural spring-fed pool. During the previous week, the area had been inundated with 18" of rain during a storm that lasted 6 hours, causing massive flash flooding. Large trees had disappeared and we saw massive rocks that have been turned upside down by the force of the water. Most interestingly we had a glimpse of nature's way of creating travertine; the remains of soaked maidenhair ferns that grew on the rock face beside a waterfall were already calcified.

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Unknown said...

Hallo Chris,

very nice pictures you took here.
I have been on yr blog several times since I noticed the link on yr moms blog.
I follow her blog en yr aunt Nelly's blog as well, and especially since I used to know as a kid went I went to school in Ninove. Yr grandmother Mariette was a very nice lady which we brought a regular visit in the morning in her shop before we went to school.
Keep on going with yr nice presentations here. I live in Aalst, a city which is well known by you as well as I understood.

king regards,

alias Amor Fati