Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cycles Of Nature

Surf 40" X 40" oil on canvas Chris De Dier Available at Davis Gallery, Austin, TX

This painting would fit very well in a meditation room. It invites the viewer to reflect on the wonder of the natural environment on this planet. More than the top half of the canvas is reserved for an overcast sky. There are no dramatic cloud formations; a calm solid warm gray blanket covers a tropical atmosphere - thick and heavy with humidity - that screens the light of the afternoon sun. The bottom of the canvas is where the visible action takes place. At the left, barely visible behind the foam, are the wide expanse of the ocean and the distant horizon. In the middle and towards the foreground, a big wave builds up from that ocean, reaching into the air above, then crests and crashes back into the main body of water with a wild display of foaming frenzy. During the crashing, surface wind lifts up splashes of water that partly evaporate during their trip through the air, thereby nourishing the atmosphere with moisture vapor that later in a showering rain returns back to where it came from.

What is the purpose of exploring space in search of new worlds if we can't appreciate and take care of the precious beauty we have on Earth?

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