Monday, September 13, 2010

Intelligent Design

When the concept of an idea takes on its own direction during the execution and creates an entirely different result, it’s a most satisfying development to me. For weeks I had been thinking about how best to transform a small mixed media painting into larger dimensions by adding a meaningful counterbalance of some sort, in an attempt to elevate an otherwise reasonable image into a more substantial art project. When the idea finally had developed in my mind, and I started tracing it out on paper, it turned into a self-contained work that is still relevant to the series of works that I am creating lately, yet in an entirely different movement of design.

This work represents the origin of the controversial concept of “Intelligent Design”. Whatever opinion one holds about it, this is the representation of how it started…. scattered impulses start to form structured unity. The relationship between the pieces is not clear yet and still disorganized, a ramble of incoherent transmitters. But there is the idea of the human creature forming. The viewer decides whether it continues to develop into belief or crumbles into rejected abandonment.

The human prototype that I used is a bone-setting mannequin, believed to be invented by Hieronymus Fabricius (1537-1619), Italy’s foremost surgeon in the late 16th Century who devised operations for tying arteries and correcting spinal deformities.

The Fragmentation Of Intelligent Design I mixed media collage 22" X 30" Chris De Dier
available from the artist. call for pricing.

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