Friday, August 6, 2010

The Biggest Loser

Blame it on the economy, I guess? This commissioned painting hung for almost 2 months in the lobby of a newly renovated office building in downtown Austin until it became clear that the invoice wasn't going to be paid. As many businesses and self-employed people remain in surival mode, it was no pleasant news that this long anticipated sale wasn't going to materialize. However, in the end it remains to be seen who lost the most. No doubt the painting will eventually find another happy home, but what will ever happen to that wall?

Pebbles, in its intended space, was created after consultation with the interior designer to harmonize
with the planned materials and furnishings. I heard it will be replaced with a plant. 

Pebbles   oil on canvas   60"x60"   Chris De Dier
available from the artist. call for pricing.

1 comment:

Laurel Daniel said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO maddening! A plant instead of your beautiful piece?? Bad choice. Cheaper, I guess but, really? This is a beautiful piece and will, no doubt, find another great home.